Juggernaut Wars offers gamers a small but exciting story to transport them to a fairy tale world. You will have to save your lost ruler, Princess Leia, from the cannibals attacking the palace walls and the monsters that inhabit her vicinity.

Juggernaut Wars

List of gift Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- After entering this code, you can get 15 premium to summon reels of this game

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- You will get three random legendary heroes after using this gift code from us

  1. UZRYM (Valid until August 8, 2024)
  2. CXFJLA1 (Valid until July 27, 2024)
  3. KLH976E (Valid until August 13, 2024)
  4. JU6VKBZY (Valid until September 8, 2024)
  5. F2BOX (Valid until September 10, 2024)
  6. B4N3Y (Valid until August 5, 2024)
  7. YZ0XM3 (Expiration date July 2, 2024)
  8. AGZHIMQR (Expiration date May 28, 2024)
  9. 5RVP72 (Expiration date June 1, 2024)
  10. 9YHEK7MQ (Expiration date June 20, 2024)
  11. QAIEFGPY6 (Expiration date July 12, 2024)
  12. A5XS6N (Expiration date June 10, 2024)
  13. VB8M1KWP9 (Expiration date July 6, 2024)
  14. E26LBX (Expiration date June 24, 2024)
  15. WB0MKES (Expiration date June 8, 2024)
  16. L0BP4HO (Expiration date June 24, 2024)
  17. NF6ZLI01W (Expiration date May 22, 2024)
  18. FCJNMWG (Expiration date July 15, 2024)

Some other rookie codes:

  • EE12-13BM-RX4F
  • EE12-1FZ2-NT98
  • EE12-1G4W-RP2J
  • EE12-1FEZ-9TER
  • EE12-12D4-3DLX
  • EE12-1HG7-73PY
  • EE12-14SV-2RYM
  • EE12-14X2-LJA7
  • EE12-1GWN-HM6M
  • EE12-15DT-VU6M
  • EE12-15JU-AP3B
  • EE12-17RH-8MJ4
  • EE12-16ZT-A6WB
  • EE12-18UQ-W8M9
  • EE12-192L-WYSK
  • EE12-1E8E-8FPC
  • EE12-1EFU-U13A
  • EE12-1F6Z-7KXV
  • EE12-16JE-WCDR
  • EE12-17MH-K1WN

How to Redeem Code

With these simple steps, go to game settings -> About game -> Promo codes and enter the gift codes we provide.

Juggernaut Wars Codes

About the Game

In the first moments of Juggernaut Wars, you will find yourself at the very center of a fierce battle, and, commanding a team of five heroes, you will have to advance through many levels, destroying opponents. Hazardous. Your year will automatically attack the enemy, but you will have to pump blood to your fighters in time and activate their extras, but this requires a lot of money.

Complete the quests

You can choose worthy warriors from dozens of heroes, and it is this choice will largely determine the outcome of the duel. Only choose people who can complete the tactical and strategic missions you set. Together, they will be able to crush ordinary monsters and their powerful bosses and, in the finale – decide the fate of a fantasy world.

Juggernaut Wars Cheats

Reward system

By winning battles and collecting ancient artifacts, you can unlock new fighters. Engage in battles with the angels and show off your skills in several exciting modes. There is also an in-game reward system accumulated for victories in competitions. Since you can only influence the course of the battle with the help of equipment, try to earn as much as you can. Various types of equipment will allow you to strengthen your team, including support and melee warriors.

Juggernaut Wars – raid RPG Codes FAQ

Can I use Juggernaut Wars codes multiple times?

Answer: No, Juggernaut Wars codes can typically only be used once per player/account. Attempting to reuse a code that has already been redeemed will result in an error message.

What rewards can I expect from Juggernaut Wars raid RPG codes?

Answer: Juggernaut Wars raid RPG codes can provide various rewards such as in-game currency, rare items, weapons, armor, experience boosts, and more. The specific rewards may vary depending on the code and promotion.

Are there any limitations to using Juggernaut Wars raid RPG codes?

Answer: Yes, some Juggernaut Wars raid RPG codes may have expiration dates or usage restrictions. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of each code to ensure that you can successfully redeem it for the intended rewards.