Hungry Dragon is an action arcade game where you have to play the role of ferocious dragons.

Hungry Dragon

List of Cheats

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- With this code you will get 3,922,000 Coins and 100,000 gems

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- This is a cheat code that will help you unlock all the features in this game, but using it will be a bit more difficult than usual

About the Game

You have to manage a very hungry predator that always wants to eat. Naturally, you have to start the difficult journey to the top of the food chain from the smallest lizard, gradually increase your motivation, earn money and discover new powerful dragons. In addition to the main dragons in the game, there are auxiliary dragons that move around the location with you.

Hungry Dragon Cheats

Each of them has certain skills and abilities. For example, some will automatically attack enemies, give you armor, reduce the risk of critical damage, and more. The mechanics of the game remain the same, all the control keys and attack buttons are the same. Try to unlock all the dragons and find out what’s ahead for you.

Hungry Dragon Codes FAQ

Can I use cheat codes in Hungry Dragon to unlock new dragons?

Answer: Cheat codes are not supported in Hungry Dragon as they can compromise the integrity of the game. You can unlock new dragons by progressing through the game and completing various challenges.

Are there any hidden codes in Hungry Dragon that provide special in-game rewards?

Answer: While there are no specific hidden codes in the game, players can sometimes find special events or promotions that offer unique rewards and bonuses. Keep an eye out for announcements from the game developers or community forums.

How can I get exclusive access codes for Hungry Dragon events and promotions?

Answer: Exclusive access codes for events and promotions in Hungry Dragon are often shared on the game’s official social media channels, in newsletters, or during special in-game events. Make sure to follow the official channels and participate in community activities to have a chance at receiving these codes.