Guardian War: Pixel Offline is an idle battle game developed by investor ZITGA. With this entertainment application, you will experience a completely new knight storyline. They are tapping into the common consumer psychology of loving heroic stories. The player will be transformed into a knight with superior fighting skills. Born with the talent to be braver and bolder than anyone, he is the savior of that dying magic village. Guardian War: Pixel Offline completely recreates the old pixel scene with its classic and warm graphics.

Guardian War

Latest of Guardian War Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamond x522, Gold x1120K

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamond x7222

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x881, Diamond x664

Code is hidden! Get

- Gems x998, Gold x2200K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the Guardian War game and select Settings => Redeem Code.

Step 2: Enter the Code and click Redeem for a worthy reward.

Guardian War Tips

Players will enter an interface familiar to 9x generations. Put on the robe of a knight and carry out millions of different big plans. The journey to kill monsters and sublimate with friends has never been so close. Participants can register their names, and then follow the instructions directly from the system to get used to the activities. You will receive the first excellent deals on rookie weapons. Although it is not a fancy item for your character, it is still a protective shield for them. Gradually later, the warriors will have to participate in the mission from the system to defeat the crop. Monsters and bosses will appear through the copies you move to; players can gather more members to ensure their fighting power and victory rate.

The gameplay is simple but still gives users the excitement of manual combat and requires high combat experience. You must focus on dungeon trips to upgrade your warrior’s experience. Each level, when completed, will return you a tremendous amount of experience; the player will be counted from level 1 to 100. Each level will have additional resistance and defense attributes for the user. Working hard is what Guardian War: Pixel Offline requires of you; just being diligent will be equivalent to great fighting power.

Guardian War Codes

Participating in weapon-forging activities is also quite good; players will need a lot of crystals to refine a weapon with a new aura. Assemble them into the warrior you believe is your trump card, take them to the field, and wipe out all the monsters rushing towards you. This is an entirely accurate game that does not require the internet; you just need to turn on the device to experience it at any time.

Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG Codes FAQ

How can I unlock special characters in Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG?

Answer: To unlock special characters in Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG, you need to complete specific quests or challenges within the game. These characters often have unique abilities and attributes that can enhance your gameplay experience.

What are the best strategies for defeating boss levels in Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG?

Answer: To defeat boss levels in Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG, it is essential to focus on building a well-balanced team with diverse skills and elemental attributes. Additionally, strategically using buffs, debuffs, and special abilities can help you overcome challenging boss battles.

Are there any hidden levels or secrets in Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG?

Answer: Yes, Guardian War: Pixel Rumble RPG features hidden levels and secrets that can be unlocked by completing specific tasks or exploring certain areas within the game. Keep an eye out for hidden paths, interactable objects, and clues that may lead you to these secret levels for additional challenges and rewards.