The fun of the pet strategy game My Puppy Go has spread to everyone. The game’s bustling community is the feature that gamers look forward to the most. Exciting from the moment you step into the main interface of the game. Users will learn the content through a short video. It begins the user’s long journey later with new friends. The world of landscapes that the application brings has helped your soul bloom. Many colorful scenes are designed to beat the boredom of users.

My Puppy Go

Active My Puppy Go Gift Codes

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- Gems x700

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- Gems x8888

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- Gold x900,000, Gems x200

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- Gems x666, Gold x1500K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game My Puppy Go, click the Profile icon, => Redeem the gift.

Step 2: Enter the codes we provided above in the “Get Gift” box and click Sure to claim this free bonus.

My Puppy Go Wiki

Coming to the My Puppy Go playground, players will not lack gentle friends. The player’s task in this visit is to successfully defend the island he resides on. Many enemies are targeting where you live because of the vast resources. Behind those evil plans is a criminal organization with advanced technological weapons. To fight the power of these criminals, you need to cooperate with the summoned beast on the island. As the perfect piece in the user’s defense system, its influence will significantly help you on your way to protecting the peace.

My Puppy Go Codes

Instantly recruit spirits as a new trainers. Through the system, players can connect with many high-class summoned beasts. Make a pact with them and embark on a journey of personal development training. Breakthrough in a short time is the top goal that gamers aim for. Because only possible for your defense and attack system can increase the attack power.

Complete the squad with intelligent strategy, well manage the whole team to keep the best fighting state. My Puppy Go will also bring you many different attractive defense matches. With a turn-based strategy, users will be given the right to hit when it is their turn and switch at the end of the turn. Simply put, this is an even match where the loser will have to fall when there is no more resistance. Strive to the end to be worthy of the position of a young coach. The power of wisdom is the key to keeping the best results in your hands.