The ranking race will begin when you set foot in Elementcraft: Legends. A game created by the young brain of the creator Xxxp. You are promising to be a blockbuster product of the strategic genre in the market. Looking at the game achievements in hand is also the most apparent affirmation. There is a lot of information and gift codes for the game waiting for you to discover.

Elemencraft: Legends

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Use the code to get 500 gems and 100,000 gold

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code you will own 7000 gems and 500,000 resources each

    Code is hidden! Get

    - Use the code to get a random legendary hero along with building and training boosters

    What is Elementcraft: Legends?

    Considered the debut work of the young creator. So we will see a lot of new updates. As well as the familiar strategic context but a bold adventure. The game is an invitation to gamers who like a challenge. Along with that are users who have a thinking style and gray matter because this will be a battle of wits in the community with most opponents.

    Elemencraft: Legends Codes

    The game has the element of equality.

    Most players are encountered during break time because it is a game suitable for young people of school age. Or teenagers, office workers,…But when they entered the world of Elemencraft: Legends, they had an equal start. There is no class division; everything is entirely up to your factors.

    Top-notch strategic thinking

    This will be the hottest arena with a top-notch strategic thinking game—contrast different tactical methods to please players. Defeat nearby opponents with super powerful defense towers. The majesty of a king depends on his outstanding achievements. Do not knock him down before the gun barrel and the opponent’s invasion.